Diamonds and Exotic Skins for Spring? You Betcha!


Spring is a time when people feel a little less bold when it comes to their wardrobes. I think a good way to conteract that is to pair a simple outfit with a bold accessory. I love the lineup of watches available right now at Hermés. Typically some people stray away from black during the spring time, but I think black is fabulous all year round. I’ll push my black jeans and black loafers as far into the summer heat as I can go. Black accessories never get stored away- those are always in style. The Black Alligator watches are great essential pieces and are perfect for a spring dinner or special occasion. And yes diamonds are always appropriate!

Current Obsession : Gucci Loafers & Slippers


I know these Gucci loafers have been around for a minute but everytime I see a new color it’s like the first time I laid eyes on these beauties. We have been introduced into some great colors for spring/summer and these would pair so well with simple casual looks. My favorites of the moment are the two crushback loafers in the middle: cognac brown and light pink!

Love these lipstick pink fur mules if the weather permits where you live and you can handle fur in the springtime. This color is extremly gorgeous!

Gucci Fur Princetown Slippers (Lipstick Pink) USD $995

This chocolate color is exceptional as well. I love chocolate brown paired with yellows, pale pinks and pale blues. Seems very Easter-like now that I think about it.

Gucci Fur Princetown Slippers (Brown) USD $995

Current Obsession : New Miu Miu Sneakers & Pumps

Source: Farfetch

Farfetch has dropped some new Miu Miu shoes recently and I am all here for it. Talk about a statement shoe, but these aren’t statments — these are whole conversation shoes. Embellished and bold is exactly what we need for spring when we have a tendency to “tone it down” and just go for “cute”.