Because It’s Probably Still Cold Somewhere…


I love a layered travel look even when it’s not terribly cold. I get cold easily and I don’t necessarily like having my arms uncovered either. For comfy travel I like a cotton sweater and a big wool coat to throw over it. I’d like to be a Kardashian and wear stilletos to the airport but that just isn’t practical for me. I love the texture on the sneakers and the colors pair well with the sweater and the wool coat. Black track pants are a necessity as well as the black oversized sunglasses. I love when I can shield my eyes and not have to worry about wearing concealer. The Missoni beanie(which has since sold out on NAP) was added as an extra piece to tie the look together. Missoni does this multicolored colorway so well so almost any any missoni beanie could do. This black carry-on from Tumi is a stable travel piece with the volume turned up. Add on a large neutral colored shopper and your good to go!

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